Lovecraft and Muriel Eddy’s Heart of Polished Stone

Lovecraft was an atheist and laothed anything about spiritualism or the occult. Yet, since he wrote of weird, almost Fortean, aspects in his fiction, he first became associated with the Necronomicon, and after his death – even today – he is associated with legends about being involved in paranormal matters and esoterica.



Jack Moffit wrote a column for the Herald Express, Los Angeles, sometimes under the pen name of Jonathan Yank, and sometimes under his own name. It was syndicated, and on 22 October 1956 he wrote about Muriel Eddy and H. P. Lovecraft.

The Cracker Barrel

Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who died in Rhode island in 1937, is believed by many to have attained a place equal to that of Edgar Allen {sic} Poe in the creation of weird literature. Since the renewed interest in spiritualism, I have received many letters from readers asking if he has made any effort to communicate with the living since his death. I knew of none until I read a letter written to the editor of Fate Magazine (and published in the October issue) by Muriel E. Eddy of Providence. Lovecraft often read his manuscripts aloud to members of the Eddy household and, on one occasion “to work” after he expired, he would send a message in a material form.

Seven months after his death, Mrs. Eddy says she dreamed of finding something on his grave in Swan Point Cemetery. Upon going there and searching in the long grass, she says she found a small translucent and perfectly polished heart-shaped white stone. She could find no other stone in the cemetery that even faintly resembled the material the heart was made of and she can’t help but wondering if it doesn’t prove that the dead writer kept his promise.

Jack Moffitt


Note: This was first found and mentioned in The Criticaster (August 2006, mailing 135).

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