SOME UNKNOWN GULF OF NIGHT by W. H. Pugmire Announced!

Already half sold out! Click the cover art below to reserve your copy.

SOME UNKNOWN GULF OF NIGHT by W. H. Pugmire (Signed limited Edition)

One of only 100 signed and numbered hardcover copies. Cover and interior illustrations by Matthew Jaffe.

With SOME UNKNOWN GULF OF NIGHT, Wilum Pugmire continues his aesthetic exploration of the prose-poem and vignette sequence, many of which may be found in his last collection, THE TANGLED MUSE.  With this new title from Arcane Wisdom Press we have a book-length sequence of semi-interconnected pieces, all of which are inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s superb sonnet sequence, FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH.   Each numbered segment is an imaginative response to that numbered sonnet in Lovecraft’s sequence, and Pugmire’s Lovecraftian influence is the main force that drives this present work; yet other influences burrow from his fevered brain – Oscar Wilde, Edgar A. Poe, Baudelaire and the Decadents.  Like some freakish soul who has lost his place in modern time, Pugmire’s style is like that from another era, and yet it too is tainted by his neoteric experience as a punk rock queen and street transvestite.  Like his literary heroes such as H. P. Lovecraft and Thomas Ligotti and Henry James, Pugmire strives to create what he does not hesitate to call “literary art” – prose pieces that are beautifully poetic and imaginatively deranged.  This perverse concoction is best when sipped slowly, occasionally, and this is not a book to rush through in one sitting.  Let it plant its poisoned fungi gradually upon your innocent brain, and thus blemish forever your paltry soul.

Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire began to write fiction while serving as a Mormon missionary in Omagh, Northern Ireland, under the inspiration of his friend and correspondent, Robert Bloch.  When, upon returning to the States, he discovered Arkham House and the fiction and Selected Letters of H. P. Lovecraft, he became an obsessed Lovecraftian determined to join the ranks of modern Mythos writers, and to that end he has devoted himself as an author.  After a brief stint as a male whore, he discovered punk rock, which saved his soul and gave him a new fictive voice.  Thus his works are a conjoining of traditional Lovecraftian horror with up-ye-arse Decadence.  His books include SESQUA VALLEY & OTHER HAUNTS, THE TANGLED MUSE, and, forthcoming, THE STRANGE DARK ONE—TALES OF NYARLATHOTEP.  His next book will be a collection of mostly non-Lovecraftian prose-poems and vignettes, UNCOMMON PLACES, to be published at the death of this year by Hippocampus Press.

Wilum Pugmire discussing SOME UNKNOWN GULF OF NIGHT

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