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Many of the books we carry are rare and we have a very limited quantity. All books are sold on a first come first serve basis.  All books are available for layaway. $5 Shipping on every order shipped in the US regardless of size.

We are always interested in buying Esoteric, Occult, Freemasonry, Alchemy, Golden Dawn, Hermetics, Ceremonial Magic, Witchcraft, Religious, Philosophy and Lovecraftian fiction. Feel free to contact us at

Miskatonic Books is very pleased to announce that we are now the US distributor for Hell Fire Club Books. Take a look at the current Hell Fire Club titles that we have in stock and shipping.

To see an entire list of our Hell Fire Club titles click here: HELL FIRE CLUB BOOKS

THE HOLY BOOKS OF THELEMA by Aleister Crowley (Deluxe Edition in 5 Volumes Handbound in Dark Sapphire Kid Morocco)


One of only 156 sets produced, handbound in Dark Sapphire Kid Morocco and housed in a custom slipcase.

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”

This special editions of the Holy Books of Thelema are being issued as five volume sets. The first three volumes are based upon Aleister Crowleys own first edition issued in 1909, the fourth volume contains other Holy Books not issued in the first edition, whilst volume five is a complete text of the Book of the Law suitable for both private and Temple use.

Originally the volumes of ‘THELEMA’ were issued one at a time as the aspirant progressed through the successive grades of the Outer College of the Order, we maintain this tradition today…

THE KEYS OF RABBI SOLOMON Translated by Edward Hunter (Limited Edition Bound in Green Forest Kidskin with English Marbled Endpapers)


250 deluxe copies with titles stamped in gold bound in forest green kidskin with English marbled endpapers.

Book is in new unread condition

The Dispositions required of a person wishing to partake of the Secrets
of the Cabalistic Science
The Places & Times proper and Suitable for the Operation of the Great Art
Of the Matters which Serve for the Operations &
The Instruments proper & necessary for the Operations of the Art
The Influences & Secret Virtues of the Moon
Of the manner of working the Figure, Talismans, Characters
& following the Rules of the Art

Of the hours of the Day & the Night in respect to the Planets which govern them
Of the proper Perfumes suitable to the Seven Planets
Of the Oraisons, Invocations & Conjurations for the days of the week
Of the Oraisons in form of Exorcisms, to Consecrate things which serve to the Operations of the Great Art
Contents following deals in turn with the characters, precious stones, trees, perfumes etc for each of the seven planetary days of the week.

This is a scarce and important handwritten grimoire possibly copied from an earlier 18th century source, the authors own notes to the contents as well as its style suggest it is a personal copy not for circulation or even private viewing partaking of both the Solomonic grimoire tradition as well as the English ‘Cunning Man’ type of manuscript.

The ‘Edward Hunter’ of the title page may have been a Bristol based merchant and one who later had links to the Mormon groups in the United States, thus connecting two worlds between which the erudite Professor Joseph Peterson had suggested a link.

The original manuscript has remained unseen and safe in a private collection since its creation in or around the early 1830s, only once having been shown to a specialist (the alchemical scholar Adam McLean in the 1980s) and which fact is mentioned by Professor Peterson in his edition of ‘The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon’ a vastly erudite work on the transmission of Solomonic magical manuscripts from Ebenezer Sibley through Frederick Holland and Frederick Hockley through to MacGregor Mathers and his late 19th century edition of ‘The Key of Solomon the King’.

LIBER PYRAMIDOS Sub Figura DCLXXI by Frater Orpheus 7’=4′ et al (Deluxe Limited Edition Quarter Bound in Burgundy Goatskin in Custom Slipcase)


One of only 50 hand numbered box sets. 5 volumes, 4 quarter bound in burgundy goatskin, all housed in a custom slipcase.

an original annotated typescript in facsimile
introduced and commented on by

Frater Orpheus 7′ = 4′ et al
Four parts all quarter leather bound with burgundy goatskin and dark green cloth, stamped to the front with the seal of A.’.A.’. and presented in a matching leather and cloth slipcase
(300mm x 210mm x 50mm).
Aleister Crowley founded his A.’.A.’. Order in 1907 with the assistance of George Cecil Jones, in 1909 whilst on a Magical Retirement Crowley developed ‘Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos’ for the singular purpose of attaining a higher form of Knowledge and Conversation than he had attained previously as an Exempt Adept.

‘Pyramidos’ is thus one of the most significant rituals in the Thelemic armoury.

The four parts of this ‘Pyramidos’ study encompass: firstly a full colour facsimile in a quarter leather portfolio binding of cult film maker Kenneth Angers annotated typescript of the ritual.

Secondly an introduction to the work with a history of the typescript by its owner (Robert Flores, Frater Orpheus 7’=4′ A.’. A.’.).

Thirdly an analysis of the development of Pyramidos and its relationship to the highly secret
‘TROA’ ritual

Fourth and finally a ‘Pyramidos Experience’ (Frater 414 A.’.A.’.) or analysis of the ritual as a progression of initiatic states.

BOOK OF THE GOETIA OF SOLOMON THE KING, Being a Facsimiles of Aleister Crowley’s Own Edition (Deluxe Limited Edition Bound in Burgundy Calf)


Deluxe binding in full smooth burgundy calf with titles gilt by hand, text printed onto high quality oyster wove paper, hand marbled endpapers. One of only 39 copies produced!

Book is in new unread condition.

These editions are facsimiles of Aleister Crowley’s own vellum-bound volume with annotations in his hand housed at the Warburg Institute University of London, containing copious notes, drawings of spirits and magical formulae both from Crowley’s vellum copy and from a camels-hair binding copy owned by his friend and disciple J.F.C. Fuller. –

HRILIU: Ecclesiae Gnosticae Catholicae Canon Missae by IAO131 (Deluxe Edition Bound in Vellum, Housed in a Custom Slipcase)


One of only 31 hand bound and numbered deluxe binding of creamy English goat vellum prepared by William Cowleys (established 1860), bright yellow Kashgar silk endpapers, black and gold headbands, each copy fully hand bound and gilt
Shewing forth in dramatic form the central Sexual/Magickal Secret 
of the IX° of the
Written to aid all in their experience of intimate devotion,
intense worship and profound Truth!
The simplest, most direct and most powerful of all magick ceremonies is the eucharist, it is quite literally the transmutation of the material being into the divine, filling the individual with Love, leading eventually to becoming a divinity oneself…
This book is a long and profound study of
Aleister Crowleys Gnostic Mass,
the most magnificent ritual celebration of the secrets of
Part I
  • General Symbolism
  • The Symbolic Dimensions of the Gnostic Mass
  • The Officers
  • Magical Energy in the Gnostic Mass
  • The Mass of Baphomet
  • The Basic Plot of the Gnostic Mass
Part II
  • A DetailedAnalysis..
  • The Furnishings of the Temple
  • The Officers
  • The Ceremony of Introit
  • The Ceremony of the Opening of the Veil
  • Of the Office of the Collects which are Eleven in Number
  • Of the Consecration of the Elements
  • Of the Office of the Anthem
  • Of the Mystic Marriage & the Consummation of the Elements
Is the author of numerous books, journal articles and artworks
of a magickal and philosophical nature.
His books ‘Fresh Fever from the Skies’, ‘Naturalistic Occultism’
and the ‘Thelema Sutras’ stand tall in a literature which already
boasts the works of many great occult writers
including Regardie, Frater Achad and Aleister Crowley himself.
PYRAMIDOS: Self Initiation in the Aeon of Horus by David Mattichak (Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover)
Hand bound in midnight blue crossgrain calf. Titles gilt by hand to spine, seal of the A.’..A.’. gilt by hand to front cover. Black and gold head and tail bands, sewn throughout with scarlet moire silk endpapers.

A superb work on the magick arte with over 400 pages and diagrams, including 15 illustrations and a complete bibliography of references.

The Pyramidos Ritual is a fundamental component of Aleister Crowley’s comprehensive system of magick. This truly original magick ceremony is an effective initiation ritual and forms a cornerstone in the practice of modern Hermetic magick. The Pyramidos Ritual, based on the Neophyte initiation ceremony of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, is drawn on throughout the magical practices of the Great Beast 666, and is one of his most dynamic ceremonial compositions.

Pyramidos traces the history and development of this fundamental magical ceremony from its earliest origins in the famed Golden Dawn Cipher Documents, through Crowley’s first attempts to codify a system of magick in the Order of the Lamp of the Invisible Light to the final composition of the Pyramidos Ritual as the jewel in the crown of Crowley’s own magical order.

The Pyramidos Ceremony is included in its fully expanded form and the symbolism of the ritual is explained in detail. There is also a comprehensive examination of the Golden Dawn Neophyte Ceremony. Pyramidosis is a handbook for the performance of this central ceremony of modern Hermetic magick as well as incorporating several complete magick ceremonies which are discussed in the text.

PSYCHOSTASIA by Marcus Worsley Blackden (Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover)PSYCHOSTASIA by Marcus Worsley Blackden (Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover)
Large format (285 x 210 mm), all bound full leather in dark green kidskin, the leather of each copy pressed to a fine polish between glazed boards. This process carried out using an English Standing Press which applies a greater amount of pressure than a normal bookbinding press, and in which the books are left for up to a week.

Text printed in red and black inks onto high quality 120gsm Oyster Wove paper, colour frontis (scene of the Weighing of the Soul from the Papyrus of Anhai) tipped in.

Hand marbled endpapers in beautiful non-pareil, coloured to be in harmony with the overall design of the book. Front cover gilt with a design taken from the Egyptian Book of the Dead and gilt with antique gold, titling to spine by hand.
The first edition of Blackden’s reconstruction of ‘Psychostasia’, or Weighing of the Heart, the key ceremony of The Egyptian Book of the Dead, was a controversial work amongst members of the Golden Dawn and the wider esoteric community. Copies of the 1914 first edition (clothbound) are now extremely scarce.

Marcus Wolsley Blackden was a member of the Isis-Urania Temple of the Golden Dawn, who by 1897 had been initiated into the Grade of Adeptus Minor. He was a member of both versions of Florence Farr’s Sphere Groups. In 1903 both he, A.E.Waite and Rev. Ayton set about to form the ‘Holy Order of The Golden Dawn.

Blackden’s book, the ‘Ritual of the Mystery of the Judgment of the Soul’ was a reconstruction based on his own translations of Egyptian Hieroglyphs in the Papyrus of Anhai and sections from the rituals of A.E. Waite’s Holy Order of the Golden Dawn. In 1914 Waite removed his rituals for use in the Holy Order and thus he closed the Holy Order. Then he opened his own order called The Fellowship of the Rosy Cross in July 1915…This new edition is intended for use by Golden Dawn Temples and their members, esoteric historians, ritual specialists in Egyptology and the Book of the Dead.

GATEWAYS THROUGH LIGHT AND SHADOW Limited Edition Hardcover by Frater Ashen Chassan, Now Shipping!!!

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GATEWAYS THROUGH LIGHT & SHADOW by Frater Ashen Chassan (Signed Limited Edition Hardcover)

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One of only 1000 Signed limited edition hardcover copies. Individually hand bound with silver foil stamping, 70lbs acid neutral paper. Printed in two colors with over 140 illustration!


Gateways Through Light and Shadow is the second book by Bryan Garner, known to his fellow ceremonial magicians as Frater Ashen Chassan, and in it we are again offered the illuminating opportunity to observe and learn from a practicing magus engaged in his Work. Once more he offers instruction in the processes of grimoric ceremonial magic and shares the insights he has gained from his ongoing research and operations. However, what may be most extraordinary about Gateways is that it allows us access to the detailed magical journal records of the communications received by Ashen Chassan and his gifted scryer, Benn mac Stiofán, during the evocations of such profound Spiritual beings as the seven Planetary Archangels, the seven Olympic Planetary Spirits, the four Spirit Kings of the Cardinal Directions, and the Supercelestial Angels Sandalphon and Metatron.


Gateways Through Light and Shadow is illustrated throughout with two-color line art of the talismanic magical implements used in the evocations, including sigils, seals, lamens, pentacles, and magic circles, along with new implements created by the magician under the guidance of the Archangels, as well as new portraits of the evoked Spirits.



“This book is a major contribution to the study and practice of Western ceremonial ritual magic. This is a book that no serious practitioner of magic should be without.”

—from the Foreword by Dr. Stephen Skinner



New, Rare and Interesting Items This Week at Miskatonic Books #132

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To get ordering information on any title just click on the picture.

Many of the books we carry are rare and we have a very limited quantity. All books are sold on a first come first serve basis.  All books are available for layaway. $5 Shipping on every order shipped in the US regardless of size.

We are always interested in buying Esoteric, Occult, Freemasonry, Alchemy, Golden Dawn, Hermetics, Ceremonial Magic, Witchcraft, Religious, Philosophy and Lovecraftian fiction. Feel free to contact us at

THE WINDS OF WISDOM by David Shoemaker (Limited Edition Hardcover)


The Winds of Wisdom is being offered in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies. When it is sold out, the publisher will not reprint it or offer it in paperback.

The system of Enochian magick, discovered and developed by John Dee and Edward Kelley in the 1500s, has fascinated ritual magicians for centuries. Enochian magick played a prominent role in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and its successors, and Aleister Crowley attained many of his greatest mystical insights and initiatory successes using the system.

In Winds of Wisdom Dr. David Shoemaker, a noted magician, psychologist, teacher, and Thelemite, presents his visionary experiences with the Aethyrs, as well as providing a practical approach to obtaining your own visions by using a modern application of the traditional approach known as “scrying”.

Dr. David Shoemaker is a clinical psychologist in private practice, specializing in Jungian and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. David is the Chancellor of the International College of Thelema, and the Prolocutor of its initiatory Order, the Temple of the Silver Star. He has been a member of O.T.O. and A∴A∴ since 1993, and he has many years of experience training students in these traditions.

He is the Master of 418 Lodge, O.T.O. in Sacramento, California, having succeeded Soror Meral (Phyllis Seckler), his friend and teacher. He also serves as the Most Wise Sovereign of Alpha Chapter, and as a Sovereign Grand Inspector General of O.T.O. David was the founding President of the O.T.O. Psychology Guild, and is a frequent speaker at national and regional O.T.O. events.

David’s popular “Living Thelema” podcasts have appeared regularly since early 2010, and his widely praised Living Thelema book was published in late 2013. David’s latest book, The Winds of Wisdom, contains a full record of his scrying of the Thirty Enochian Aethyrs, and was published by Nephilim Press in the fall of 2016.

“Dr. Shoemaker is not only a mature and competent practitioner of Enochian magical techniques, but is also possessed with the eloquence and insight to share with what is ‘shareable’ of his intensely personal journey. My highest recommendation.”

Lon Milo DuQuette, author of Enochian Vision Magick – An Introduction and Practical Guide to the Magick of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley”

THE BOOK OF SITRA ACHRA: A Grimoire of the Dragons of the Other Side N.A-A. 218 (Limited Edition Hardcover)

Limited printing of 777 copies of which all are sold out at the publisher! We have only one available. Book is in fine condition.

The Book of Sitra Achra is the first complete and completely Qliphothic Grimoire, providing the foundation for a Spiritual and Transcendental Initiatic approach towards the Other Side. Within the system and Tradition presented inside this book the very essential core of the Current 218 is for the first time ever made public, dispelling both the smoke screens and the misconceptions surrounding the Anti-Cosmic Tradition of Gnostic Satanism/Luciferianism, providing to those that hear and heed the Voiceless Call of Azerate the means for the entering and traversing of the Path of Black Fire, towards the Thrones of the Dragons of the Other Side.


GATEWAYS THROUGH STONE AND CIRCLE by Frater Ashen Chassan (Limited Edition Hardcover)



“Gateways Through Stone and Circle” is a compendium of personal experiences and research from a traditional ceremonial magician working through a classical book of magic. This volume is a complete and in-depth study in the “Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals” as found in Francis Barrett’s, The Magus, and accredited to Trithemius of Spanheim. Detailed research, personal experimentation, and evoking each of the seven planetary archangels and intelligences to visible and auditory presence are presented within.

You will find descriptions of the seven planetary archangels as witnessed by author, instructions for building each of the traditional implements and furniture to the specifications of the grimoire, as well as detailed illustrations of the author’s actual equipment. Items such as the infamous Book of Spirits or Liber Spirituum are explained in detail so the reader will know how to make and use one. Chapters also describe methods for improving scrying abilities, working with a partner, and conducting the entire ceremony from beginning to end. Everything to make this artwork is explained in incredibly vivid detail.


GEOSOPHIA: The Argo of Magic by Jake Stratton-Kent (Deluxe Draco Edition Quarter Bound in Veiny Vellum and Custom Marbled Boards in Slipcase)


One of only 54 ‘Draco’ edition quarter bound in veiny vellum and custom marbled boards, all edges gilt, ribboned and presented in a slipcase. This being number 27. Both volumes are hand numbered and signed by the author.

Geosophia: The Argo of Magic is Jake Stratton-Kent’s masterpiece. Tracing the development of magic from the Greeks to the grimoires, it lays bare the chthonic roots of goetic ritual. By exposing the necromantic origins of much of modern magic we are able to reconnect with the source of our ritual tradition. There is a continuity of practice in the West which encompasses the pre-Olympian cults of Dionysus and Cybele, is found in the Greek Magical Papyri and Picatrix and flows into the grimoires. Rather than a muddle of superstition, the grimoire tradition is revealed as the living descendant of the ancient practices of the Goes.

This is a work which redefines our understanding of the Western tradition, one which does not begin with Kabbalah or Solomon, but rather descends into the Underworld and brings forth new life. JSK illuminates scarce and overlooked texts with an incisive commentary, from volcanic conjurations to over 70 pages dealing with Picatrix. Following the voyage of the Argonauts, Geosophia offers biographies of the heroes and gods, and discovers the hidden magical meanings and significance of their actions and adventures.

Yet this is not a history lesson, JSK foresees a global synthesis of magic where Western goetic magic, reconnected to its chthonic origins can dovetail with the African Traditional Religions. Like The True Grimoire, this further work in the Encyclopædia Goetica series is both a scholarly and eminently practical work. Geosophia equips the modern grimoire magician with an arsenal of techniques and approaches that will transform their personal art.

The mythic structure of Geosophia anchors the practice of the modern necromancer in an indigenous yet eclectic history which transfuses the Western magical tradition with the same vitality that we find in the African diaspora religions.


THE TESTAMENT OF CYPRIAN THE MAGE 2 volume set by Jake Stratton Kent (Deluxe Quarter-bound in veiny vellum, numbered and slipcased)


Infernal Pact fine edition. Limited to 72 hand-bound exemplars.
Quarter-bound in veiny vellum. The covers are finished in custom marbled papers and the spines blocked in gilt.
All edges gilded, and the volumes come ribboned and slipcased.

The Testament of Cyprian the Mage, a two-volume work by Jake Stratton-Kent, comprehending The Book of Saint Cyprian and his Magical Elements and an elucidation of The Testament of Solomon.

The Testament of Cyprian the Mage is a two volume work of approximately 600 pages endowed with charts, tables, seals etc. and punctuated by specially commissioned pen and ink illustrations by Oliver Liebeskind. Lavishly bound and printed in red and black ink throughout, this is a work of enduring importance and a resource to accompany your ongoing study.

This is the final work in Stratton-Kent’s acclaimed Encyclopaedia Goetica series which began with The True Grimoire, a working reconstruction of the Grimorium Verum, and was followed by the monumental two volume Geosophia: The Argo of Magic which explored the necromantic Greek origins of Goetia.

The Testament of Cyprian the Mage is a fitting climax to this endeavour which has placed the author at the forefront of modern magic with a body of work that is both scholarly and aimed at practical application. All are standalone texts though benefit from being read as aspects of a single thesis: the importance of Goetia as the oldest continuous tradition of Western magic.


AZOETIA: A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft by Andrew D. Chumbley 3rd edition (Deluxe Limited Edition Half Bound in Crimson Goat in Custom Slipcase)


DELUXE Limited Edition Hardcover Printed on 70 lb. cream acid-free archival paper stock, half bound in crimson goat and marbled boards in custom slipcase. One of only 111 copies published.

Book is in new unread condition

The Third edition presents the complete text of the ‘Sethos Edition’ of 2002, being the definitive recension of the work. Original images have been digitally conserved and the text has been freshly typeset. Design and Materials are of the highest standard, for which Xoanon is well known. Limitation number may vary from the one shown.

As the incepting text of Xoanon Limited, Andrew D. Chumbley’s visionary book ‘The Azoëtia: A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft’ was first published in 1992 and is regarded as the foundation text of the Sabbatic Craft Tradition. The second edition of 2002 sold out within months of its release. Since then, exorbitant prices on the second-hand market have prevented ownership of this essential text. In response to growing interest in this work, and as part of the conservation and dissemination of the magical texts of the Cultus Sabbati, Xoanon Limited is releasing the third edition of ‘The Azoëtia’. The grimoire ‘Azoëtia’ is comprised of three main parts: an exposition of preliminary magico-aesthetic formulae with detailed descriptions of working instruments, the full text of the Sabbatic Rituals of Ingress, Congress, and Egress, and an eleven-chaptered grimoire detailing the arcana and composite practices of the Sacred Alphabet – the twenty-two lettered code of sorcerous principles underlying the practical spectrum of the Arte Magical. The entire work intends the reification of traditional British cunning-craft praxis according to the spiritual vision and artistry of a contemporary initiate.


THE PSALTER OF CAIN by Andrew D. Chumbley, Daniel A. Schulke, Robert Fitzgerald and others (Deluxe three quarter crimson leather in custom slipcase)


In three-quarters crimson goat and red linen, serpentine-embossed endsheets, with gilt-blocked seal of the Serpent-Angel, raised bands, and steel-gray slipcase. Strictly limited to 171 copies.

By desire was the Nail brought to earth,
A ferrous fruit plucked
from the boughs of the heavenly tree,
Thus did the mysteries of metal and fire fall unto man.

The Psalter of Cain consists of a series of devotional magical works to Cain, holy ancestor of sorcerers. Its magical foci are dedicated specifically to the Ancestral Manes of the Sabbatic Current, the shade-mothers and fathers of the Companie of the Wise.

Historically, the figure of Biblical Cain is known from the context of Italian witchcraft and Romany magic, as well as esoteric orders of Freemasonry and the Society of the Horseman’s Word. However, it is from the British witchcraft-lineages of the Cultus Sabbati that Cain has come to modern occult prominence as the especial patron of the Witch’s Art, the embodiment of Exile and Opposition explicit within the Elder Craft. In its rarefied embodiment of Crooked Path Sorcery – the ever—deviating path of Bane and Blessing, the power of Cain arises from his mythic forms of Transgressor-against-God, First Murderer, Wandering Exile, and First Tamer of the Horse, among others. These Cainite arcana received their highest ritual and literary expression in Andrew D. Chumbley’s Dragon-Book of Essex.

THE WEIRD OF HALI: KINGSPORT by John Michael Greer (Limited Edition Hardcover) ADVANCE ORDER

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We are now taking pre-orders for THE WEIRD OF HALI: KINGSPORT by John Michael Greer (Limited Edition Hardcover)

Just click on the cover art below to get ordering information.



One of only 500 signed and hand numbered hardcover copies.  Each copy will be signed by the author and strictly limited to only 500 hand numbered copies.
This is volume two in THE WEIRD OF HALI trilogy
As The Old Gods Awaken…
Like other students at Miskatonic University, Jenny Parrish worries mostly about passing her finals and getting a graduate assistantship. Then an unexpected letter arrives from her great-aunt Sylvia, inviting her to spend the holidays and celebrate a mysterious Festival at the family mansion in the old port city of Kingsport, where Jenny has never been — the home her mother fled at the age of eighteen, never to return.  Once she reaches the ancient mansion, Jenny finds herself in the midst of a tangled web of archaic secrets, eldritch lore, and hidden struggles that pit the servants of the Great Old Ones, the ancient gods and goddesses of Earth, against a terrifying and relentless foe. At the center of the web stands the treasure Jenny’s family has guarded for centuries, a talisman of supreme power forged in the lost land of Hyperborea: the Ring of Eibon. But the Ring is lost–and the quest to find it and keep it out of the hands of the enemies of the Great Old Ones will send Jenny on a journey beyond the borders of the world to dread Carcosa, the city of the King in Yellow…

New, Rare and Interesting Items This Week at Miskatonic Books #131

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To get ordering information on any title just click on the picture.

Many of the books we carry are rare and we have a very limited quantity. All books are sold on a first come first serve basis.  All books are available for layaway. $5 Shipping on every order shipped in the US regardless of size.

We are always interested in buying Esoteric, Occult, Freemasonry, Alchemy, Golden Dawn, Hermetics, Ceremonial Magic, Witchcraft, Religious, Philosophy and Lovecraftian fiction. Feel free to contact us at

CECIL WILLIAMSON’S BOOK OF WITCHCRAFT. A Grimoire of the Museum of Witchcraft (Deluxe Special Edition Bound in Terracotta Goat Housed in a Hand Carved Oak Box) Import


Hand bound in terracotta fine hand polished and finished goat leather, gold foil blocking to the front and spine, marbled end papers and marker ribbon. Lithographic printing on 120gsm cream paper stock with sewn binding. Limited to 10 signed and hand numbered examples. This edition will be issued with a lined, hand carved oak box, made and carved by the author.

This is copy 9 of 10. Book is in fine unread condition.

“Cecil Hugh Williamson (1909-1999) is, I believe, one of the great unsung heroes of the twilight world of folklore and witchcraft. He is probably best known for founding the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, North Cornwall, which he ran up until midnight on All Hallows Eve 1996; three years before his passing over in to the spirit world. Unbeknown to many however, this was just part of a colourful and magical career that spanned most of the 20th century. This included working in a Rhodesian tobacco plantation, the pre-war film industry, the British secret services and, most importantly, devoting his life to the study of traditional witchcraft”.

In 1996, whilst helping the then new owner Graham King in refurbishments to the Museum of Witchcraft, Steve happened upon a handwritten manuscript entitled simply ‘Witchcraft’ and containing an intriguing pot-pourri of esoterica from the hand of the Museum’s founder; Cecil Williamson. It is this manuscript which provides the basis for Steve’s book which includes a full annotated transcript of the ‘Witchcraft’ manuscript, a history of Cecil Williamson and the Museum of Witchcraft, a treatise on Cecil Williamson’s vision of traditional Witchcraft – the practices and the philosophy of the wayside witches, an account of his meetings with Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner, and a controversial account of his witnessing of the birth of ‘Wicca’. The book is both a valuable reliquary of practices for the traditional witch, and a resource for folklorists and historians alike; telling the tale of a hitherto largely ignored, but hugely influential episode in modern occult history, and one of the great unsung heroes of the twilight world of folklore and witchcraft.

VIRIDARIUM UMBRIS by Daniel Schulke (Deluxe ARBOR INFERNIS Limited Edition Hardcover with Talisman) Import


This is a copy of VIRIDARIUM UMBRIS, the Arbor Infernis Edition, which was limited to only 77 numbered copies, with an original hand-drawn talisman, with this copy being numbered #43. published in 2006, and was casebound in Moss-green cloth with Mandrake Death’s Head blocked in gold on the front cover. Each copy was accompanied by an original hand-drawn talisman of coloured ink on papyrus, bearing one of the 77 Emanants of the Arbor Infernis – the liminal genii of midnight’s Eden.

Book is in very good ++ condition with a very very gentle bump to corner else fine. Hardly even noticeable unless looking for.

From the publisher:

An extensive grimorium of Wortcunning, or herb-magic, the Pleasure-Garden treats of the secret knowledge of trees and herbs as delivered by the Fallen Angels unto mankind. The book’s principal concerns are the sorcery and gnosis of the Greenwood, as arising from the varied luminaries of the Eternal Gardens of the Arte Magical. As a grimoire of Spiritual Botany, the Book is a Hortus Conclusus of text and image intended for the indwelling of these plant-spirits. The work encompasses magical practices, formulae, and mystical exegesis, all treating the respective arcana of Nature-Spirits and the powers of individual plants. Magical foci are on devotion, purity, humility, silence, solitude, and the hieros-gamos of wortcunner and plant as a tutelary relationship, in conjunction with the Mysteries of Cain, first tiller of the soil. The whole is intended as a textual reification of occult herbalism within the context of the Sabbatic Craft Tradition.

36 FACES The History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans by Austin Coppock (Special Hardcover Limited Edition in Custom Slipcase)


A special hardcover, handbound in full leather, with one of 36 unique talismanic enclosures depicting the genius of each of the decans, marbled endpapers, with custom slipcase.

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There is a thread that runs through over four millennia of astrological and magical history, a cord that binds ancient Egypt with the Hellenistic world, the Arabian empire, India, the European Renaissance and even touches the present. That thread is the Decans, a division of the earth’s sky into 36 sections. These 36 ‘Faces of Heaven’ are more than just a curious footnote in the history of archaeo-astronomy. First emerging in ancient Egypt, they have moved with the corpus of Hermetic material, reincarnating in the starry wisdom of culture after culture.

Ostensibly a gear in astrology’s encompassing clockworks, the Decans have also long been a key to accessing legions of spirits. For several millennia and in multiple cultures, magicians have looked at these 36 faces and seen gods, choirs of angels, hordes of demons, and a host of daimones staring back at them, each with its own unique powers. Far from going undocumented, this gallery of faces has been painted and drawn by a host of astrologers, sorcerers and artists, and they can be found on walls of Italian villas as well as in the pages of grimoires.

Weaving together astrology and magic, divination and sorcery, time and sky, this thread of esoteric history deserves more than the footnotes it has so far received. In this work, Austin Coppock follows the Decans through history, charting their trajectory through time and culture. Using the ring of keys which history provides, the 36 doors are flung open, revealing their mysteries to magician and astrologer alike. Each decan, its image, and its specific powers are examined in detail, as well as its permutations in the planetary aspects. Featuring original images specially created for each Decan by Bob Eames, 36 Faces is an invaluable resource for magicians, astrologers, and historians of magical semiotics.

CODEX HOMUNCULI by Joseph Uccello (Deluxe Bound in Black Goat with Red Skiver)


Deluxe of only 111 copies (Takwn) in black goat with red skiver and ribbed spine. 288 pages. illustrated and with references.  Book is in new unread condition.

From the publisher:

OCCLITH Labyrinthus Archidoxæ
Florilegium of the arcane sciences in seven volumes, numbered 0–6.

Ancient Magical, alchemical and hermetic texts on the creation, uses, attributes and implications of artificial human beings, & related Matters.

And if thou wilt see and behold this Workman, even by mortal things that are upon Earth, and in the deep, consider, O Son, how Man is made and framed in the Womb; and examine diligently the skill, and cunning of the Workman, and learn who it was that wrought and fashioned the beautiful and Divine shape of Man… 
—Divine Pymander

THE LANGUAGE OF THE CORPSE by Cody Dickerson (Signed Deluxe Quarter Bound in Leather and Decorative Boards in Custom Slipcase)
Signed Deluxe Quarter Bound in Leather and Decorative Boards in Custom Slipcase. Only 33 produced this being number 10.

From the publisher:

Among the ancient Germanic peoples there existed a highly developed stream of magical belief and practice devoted to, and stemming directly from, the dead. While it is difficult for the modern mind to understand these beliefs, it was simply an acknowledged matter of fact that a tremendous wellspring of virtuous power dwelt among the physical remains of the once living, be they man or beast, long after the spirit abandons flesh.

In this short but powerful treatise, the author has gathered together disparate elements of faith, folklore and a multitude of fascinating practices related to the dead. In examining ancient and modern materials among the Teutonic peoples of Europe, we begin to distill an understanding of the powerful significance reserved not only for the revenants of the departed, but their physical remains as well. From the folk charming traditions of the British Isles to the extravagant ritual sacrifices held in medieval Uppsala, Sweden, the book provides the reader a glimpse into to the core strata of the power of the cadaver, and its subsequent role in the sorcerous practices witnessed amongst the European diaspora.

THE LUMINOUS STONE: LUCIFER IN WESTERN ESOTERICISM by Michael Howard & Daniel Schulke (Limited Edition Hardcover)
One of 800 hardcover limited editions

From the publisher:

The Arcanum of the ‘fallen angel’ Lucifer evokes such concepts as heresy, rebellion, pride, liberation from the bonds of demiurgic oppression, and impetus for human evolution. Meaning ‘light bearer’, Lucifer has, from his earliest origins, been hailed by religious and artistic countercultures as a patron saint of enlightenment —the essential quality embodying overthrow of ignorance and the inspired process of revelation. Allied to ancient Gnostic cosmological conceptions, the fallen angel has also found dominion within occult traditions and philosophy. Lucifer has also, in many mystical traditions, assumed a female form in the guise of Lucina, Lucia and Diana Lucifera. In his guise as the Serpent of Eden, he bestowed a magical philosophy of the Luciferian Woman, she who was not born of the clay, and was therefore especially receptive to the forbidden powers which would render one ‘as God.’

Yet, outside most occult contexts, Lucifer is commonly conflated with the Christian figure of Satan, or the Devil, a relic of early Christian propagandists eager to repudiate and tarnish rival polytheisms. Ironically, this conflation of deific forms is where Christian dogma and some contemporary forms of Satanism are in agreement.

MAGIC CIRCLES IN THE GRIMOIRE TRADITION by William Kiesel (Limited Edition Hardcover)
With the center of the circle as a starting point, orientation can take on precise meaning in the context of its ritual, which was designed to secure spiritual knowledge and material dominion in the world through the agency of spirits, stars and cabalistic arcana.

Magic Circles have been depicted in popular expressions of magic and witchcraft as well as detailed with full rubrics in traditional manuals of magic such as the Clavicula Solomonis or Liber Juratus. Using narrative, visual and textual material available from European grimoires and manuscripts, the author discusses the various forms and functions of this important piece of apparatus employed by magicians in the Western Esoteric Tradition, including their role in providing authority and protection to the operator, as well as examples of their use in divination and treasure finding. Additionally, contemporary examples of the magic circle at work in modern esoteric praxis are provided and discussed in light of the traditional approaches they exhibit. This monograph serves to explicate this important tool of ceremonial magic and is valuable to practitioners of the art magical with its technical data, while also providing context in historical settings for the merely curious reader of occult subjects. Illustrated throughout.

Ifá: A Forest of Mystery by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold (Limited Edition Hardcover) Import
One of only 736 limited edition, hand numbered hardcovers bound in vibrant red cloth, palm leaf stamped in green, embossed bitter chocolate endpapers
Book is in new unread condition.

From the publisher:

Ifá: A Forest of Mystery by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold is a major study on the cosmology, metaphysics, philosophy and divination system of Ifá, written by a tradition holder and member of the council of elders, known as the Ogboni society, of Abeokuta, Nigeria.
Ifá – an alternative name for its prophet Òrúnmìlà – is a religion, a wisdom tradition and a system of divination encoding the rich and complex oral and material culture of the Yoruba people. The Yoruba culture is grounded in memory, an ancestral repository of wisdom, that generates good counsel, advises appropriate ebo (sacrifice) and opens the way to develop a good character on our journey through life and in our interactions with the visible and invisible worlds.

The work is a presentation of the first sixteen odù of the Ifá corpus of divination verses explained in stories, allegories and proverbs reflecting the practical wisdom of Ifá. The work is both a presentation of Ifá for those with little knowledge of it, and a dynamic presentation of the wealth of its wisdom for those already familiar with Ifá. The deities and key concepts of Ifá metaphysics are discussed, including: Obàtálá, Ònilé, Sàngó, Ògún, Oya, Òsányìn, Yemoja, Èsù, àse (power), egúngún (ancestry), ìwà (character), and orí (head/consciousness/daimon). Notably, Dr Frisvold has created a work which celebrates the Yoruba wisdom tradition and makes a bridge with the Western world. It is of value for the light that it casts on the origins and mysteries of Èsù and òrìsà, and an important source for those practicing Quimbanda, Palo, Santeria, Vodou and the African Diaspora religions. Yet its lessons are universal, for it is the art of developing character, of attracting good fortune and accruing wisdom in life. As Nicholaj writes:

‘…Ifá is a philosophy, a theogony, theology and cosmology rooted in a particular metaphysic that concerns itself with the real and the ideal, the world and its beginning. It is rooted in the constitution of man and the purpose of life and the nature of fate. Ifá is a philosophy of character. The philosophy of Ifá lies at the root of any religious cult or organization involving the veneration of òrìsà. […] Through stories and legends, divinatory verses and proverbs, this philosophy will be revealed piece by piece until the landscape has been laid open before you… ’

Update on GATEWAYS THROUGH LIGHT & SHADOW by Frater Ashen Chassan.

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The book is currently at the printer and we hope to have it in hand by mid to late November. We know that this is a little later than our original release date but I believe everyone who sees the book will understand why.
The book is nearly 700 pages with 143 illustrations. The amount of effort it took to bring this all together has been tremendous.
Given that the book has turned out to be twice the size we originally expected the price will be going up from $50 to $59. However, we’re going to keep the book at $50 until after Samhain. On November 1st the price will increase to $59 so if you haven’t reserved your copy do so soon to get the lower price.
To give you a little taste of what you can expect from this magical title I’ve uploaded a section of the book dealing with the archangel of the sun Michael. To download just click the link below:

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Many of the books we carry are rare and we have a very limited quantity. All books are sold on a first come first serve basis.  All books are available for layaway. $5 Shipping on every order shipped in the US regardless of size.

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LIBER SPIRITUUM: A Compendium of Writings on Angels and Other Spirits in Modern Magick edited by Adam P. Forrest (Deluxe Special Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover in Custom Traycase)  




This deluxe special edition is limited to 28 hand numbered hardcover copies printed in two colors and bound in leather, satin ribbon marker, imbedded brass talismanic sigil on front board with debossed blind stamp sigil on the back board. Housed in a custom made traycase. The book is  252 pages in length with a full color frontispiece by acclaimed artist Caniglia. Book will ship in early October
About the book:
For Liber Spirituum: A Compendium of Writings on Angels and Other Spirits in Modern Magick, Azoth Press has assembled a group of nine of the foremost writers in the field of ceremonial magick, representing a depth of devoted study and practical expertise spanning the Western Magical Tradition from the Greek Magical Papyri to the Solomonic grimoires, from the Golden Dawn to Thelema, from Theurgia to Goetia, from Qabbalah to Rosicrucianism. In this beautiful volume, obviously designed for the practicing magician, these teaching adepts share their insights, experiences, tools, techniques, and even new rituals, all focused on a central concern of magical praxis, communication with those Spiritual Beings from Gods to Angels to Demons with whom the magus must become truly and transformatively familiar.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction ∙ Opening a Book of Spirits by Adam P. Forrest
  • The Place of Mingled Powers: Spiritual Beings in the Magical Lodge by John Michael Greer
  • Patrons and House Gods: Building Lifelong Relationships with Your Spiritual Guardians by Aaron Leitch
  • The Evocation of Metatron: A Golden Dawn Z-2 Ritual by Charles Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero
  • The Prayer for Success by Jake Stratton-Kent
  • Lay Thy Tongue Upon My Heart: Forty Days of Ritual Communion Between a Pagan Adept and the Archangel Raphael Tipherethel by M. Isidora Forrest
  • Substance Through Spirit: A Reflection on Magical Evocation and Talisman Construction by Bryan Garner (Frater Ashen Chassan)
  • Kalein tous Theous: Divine Invocation in the Late Neoplatonic Tradition by Jeffrey S. Kupperman
  • Evoking Zodiacal Angels by Scott Michael Stenwick

THE WEIRD OF HALI: INNSMOUTH by John Michael Greer (Signed Deluxe Leather Bound and Traycased Lettered Edition)



One of only 26 signed deluxe leather bound lettered edition in custom traycase. .  Each copy will be custom bound in fine leather, sewn in ribbon marker, custom endpapers, smythe sewn binding, signed by the author and strictly limited to only 26 hand numbered copies.
There Are Two Sides To Every Story
Like every other grad student at Miskatonic University, Owen Merrill knows about the Great Old Ones, the nightmare beings out of ancient legend that H.P. Lovecraft unearthed from archaic texts and turned into icons of modern fantasy fiction. Then a chance discovery—a lost letter written by Lovecraft to fellow Weird Tales author Robert Blake—offers a glimpse into the frightful reality behind the legends, and sends Owen on a desperate quest for answers that shatters his familiar world forever.
As he flees across the witch-haunted Massachusetts landscape toward the mysterious seaside town of Innsmouth, Owen finds himself caught up in a secret war between the servants of the Great Old Ones and their ancient enemies, a war in which yesterday’s friend may be tomorrow’s foe and nothing is as it seems. The history of the world is not what he has been taught—and the tentacles reaching out for him from the shadows of a forbidden past may hold not only his one chance of escape from the terrifying forces closing around him, but the last hope of life on Earth…
THE DEVIL’S DOZEN: Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One by Gemma Gary (Deluxe Bound in Goat with a Glass Goat’s Eye Bound and Custom Traycase)  SOLD
One of only 13 deluxe copies produced this being number 2.
The Special edition, bound in full black goat leather with a blind embossed thicket of branches to the beveled front board, with gold bordering, through which a high quality glass goat’s eye cabochon peers out from the center of the book. Housed in a full goat leather solander box, blocked in gold and linedThe operations of magic and witchcraft deal with the hidden worlds of spirit and the powers innate within the natural world; within plant, stone and magical loci. The ‘Old One’, who in folk tradition is often named ‘The Devil’ embodies both the ‘rend in the veil’ and the spanning bridge between the worlds of the material and spiritual, the revealed and the hidden. It is through union with this entity that witches and folk magicians gained access to the powers that reside within the hidden realms and the natural world, and could awaken the potent fire within.

In traditional folk belief, the Devil existed also as an embodiment of the chaotic forces of nature; a belief quite distinct and separate from that of the Church with its ‘Satan’ figure. To the witch, he might also represent the ‘darker’ aspects of the divine; the keeper and the revealer of the divine light, the psychopomp guide of souls, and the sentinel at the threshold unto the mysteries of death and the Otherworld.

Something, it would seem, of the ‘elder divinity’ and the old ‘spirit of the wild’ has lingered through to the present; permeating regional faery lore, the calendar of ritualistic seasonal folk-customs, and traditions attached to ancient landscape features. The themes of untamed, wild nature; its freedom, its spirits, its power and its magic, so repugnant and threatening to the Church, were grafted onto the diabolical; affording yet greater preservation of the Old One for those who sought to stray from the path of limitation and conformity, and tread instead the hidden ways of the witch and magician.

THE BLACK TOAD by Gemma Gary (Deluxe Goat and Toad Bound in Custom Slipcase)
One of only 83 deluxe copies produced this being number 10.
The book will be presented as a black cloth, leather and toad skin sewn half binding, with goat leather to the spine; gold blocked to the side with a double toad device, and with black toad skin to the corners, gilded edges and a burgundy ribbon marker. With lined slipcase in full black cloth embossed on one side with Toad device. Includes magic toad-skin talisman in unopened envelope.The book will be presented as a black cloth, leather and toad skin sewn half binding, with goat leather to the spine; gold blocked to the side with a double toad device, and with black toad skin to the corners, gilded edges and a burgundy ribbon marker. An optional lined slipcase in full black cloth embossed on one side with Toad device

The Black Toad explores potent examples of the folk-ceremonial magical practices and witchcraft of the south-west of England; dealing especially with Devon and the author’s homeland of Cornwall. Within the West Country, the popular belief in witchcraft and its attendant charms, magical practices and traditions continued to be observed and survived long after such ways had faded in most other parts of the British Isles.

Described within The Black Toad is a collection of some of the fascinating magical practices and lore of the West Country’s cunning folk and early modern witches; ways that have survived and evolved within the rarefied Craft of the area’s modern day witchcraft practitioners of the old persuasion. As this book affirms, these ways of the Old Craft and Cunning Arte include a belief in and working relationship with the spirit forces of the land, the Faerie, animal and plant lore, as well as the magical use of Psalms to cure or curse, the invocation of Christ and the power of the Holy Trinity.

For all those who are interested in learning about the Old Path as it is taught and practiced today by West Country witches this book of practical magic and sorcery will be a revelation. As the late Cecil Williamson, founder of the witchcraft museum in Boscastle, North Cornwall and a modern cunning man himself, said and Gemma Gary’s excellent book proves – “It still goes on today.”
Michael Howard
THE DEVIL’S PLANTATION: East Anglian Lore, Witchcraft & Folk-Magic by Nigel Pearson (Fine Leather Bound Deluxe Edition in Custom Slipcase 1 of 15)

Fine Edition; a limited edition of only 15 hand-numbered examples, in a full black goat leather hand binding with inset dark blue goat leather shield panel with a blind embossed boarder and dark blue title panel on the spine, silver foil blocking to the front and spine and hand marbled end papers. This edition will be issued with a blue library buckram slip-case, blind embossed to the front.

This is number 7 of 15.

Taking its name from the lost ‘black book’ of a famed Cambridgeshire witch, as well as plots of land sacrificed unto the spirits and the Old One himself, Nigel Pearson’s ‘The Devil’s Plantation’ guides the reader through the traditional witchcraft, old magic and folklore of East Anglia.

This is an ancient landscape, and a melding pot for the beliefs, culture and magic of the various peoples who have inhabited it over its long history. And yet, until very recently, East Anglia has been a land ‘set apart’ and isolated amidst impassable marshes, Fens and uncleared Forests.

Thus East Anglia is a landscape in which ‘the good folk’, land drakes, land wights, meremaids, giants, spectral hounds, saintly miracles, wort Cunning, toad lore, folk magic and indeed witchcraft have been nurtured and continue to play a part in the lives of the people of what has aptly been named ‘Witch Country’.

THE BRITISH BOOK OF SPELLS AND CHARMS: A Compilation of Traditional Folk Magic by Graham King (Deluxe Edition Bound in Red Goat in Custom Slipcase)

A limited edition of only 20 hand-numbered examples, this being #8. Bound in a full rich red goat leather hand binding, with raised protective charm motif hand tooled into the leather with gold foil blocking to the black panelled spine and hand marbled end papers. This edition will be issued within a fully lined black library buckram slip-case, blind embossed to the front.

From the publisher:

Graham King is the former owner and curator of the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle Cornwall, most famous perhaps for its central place within the modern witchcraft revival, via its origins with Cecil Williamson on the Isle of Man and the involvement of Gerald Gardner.

From a young age Graham has held a keen interest in traditional folk music and dances as well as folk magic.

During a walk in the English countryside (one of his favourite activities) in 1996, he encountered and was made welcome by a group of travelling folk gathering to celebrate the ancient Tan Hill Fair. It was this encounter that set in motion Graham’s decision to leave behind the corporate lifestyle, leading to his purchase of the Museum of Witchcraft from Cecil Williamson.

Graham made the 200 mile journey on foot to Boscastle, where at midnight on the 31st October that same year, the purchase was finalised. Graham and his team went on to develop The Museum of Witchcraft into one of Cornwall’s most popular museums.

Serving 10 years as an auxiliary Coastguard, it was Graham who raised he alert when the 2004 flood struck Boscastle leading to the incredible rescue operation which saved hundreds of lives; a role for which he was awarded the Chief Coast Guard Commendation.