21st Century Witch Trials

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sadness_149Why must marginalized individuals be hurt by society?

Why single out those who have magickal thought processes?

Perhaps these questions are beyond our “civilized society” to answer.

Here is yet another example of “witches” being hurt and even killed for being different.


“In recent years, there has been a spate of attacks against people accused of witchcraft in Africa, the Pacific and Latin America, and even among immigrant communities in the United States and Western Europe. … This is becoming an international problem — it is a form of persecution and violence that is spreading around the globe … “

“A mob in Papua New Guinea burned alive a young mother, Kepari Leniata, 20, who was suspected of sorcery. Papua New Guinea finally repealed a 1971 law that permitted attackers to cite intent to combat witchcraft as a legal defense.”

“In Central Africa and its diaspora communities, is the advent of revivalist churches, in which self-styled pastor-prophets rail against witchery and demon possession. They often claim to specialize in the casting out of evil spirits, sometimes charging for the service.”

“In 2011: Saudi Arabia sentenced a man and a woman, in separate cases, to beheading after convictions for sorcery. In 2013: Saudi courts sentenced two Asian housemaids to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison on charges of casting spells against their employers.”

“A Lebanese television psychic, Ali Hussain Sibat, was arrested in 2008, while on pilgrimage to Medina, by the Saudi religious police for hosting a television show in his native Lebanon, “The Hidden,” where he would make predictions and prescribe love potions and spells.”

“In January, a Queens, N.Y., man was arrested for beating to death with a hammer his girlfriend, Estrella Castaneda, 56, and her daughter, Lina Castaneda, 25; Carlos Alberto Amarillo told the police that the women were “witches,” who had been “performing voodoo and casting spells” on him.”

“In 2010, a 15-year-old boy, Kristy Bamu, was tortured and killed in East London by his older sister and her boyfriend, both Congolese, who had accused him of sorcery after he wet his bed.”

The entire article: Here.






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The dictionary definition of a talisman reads: “An object which is believed to contain certain magical or sacramental properties which would provide good luck for the possessor or possibly offer protection from evil or harm.”


We tend to think of an item that is ornate, inscribed, a work from the hands of an artisan. There is nothing wrong with this, of course. In many cases, this supports struggling artists. However, what are some of the errors in this?

First, a purchased object can carry unknown and hidden properties that can not only be detrimental, but dangerous to the magickal practitioner. A case in point.

Years ago, a close friend sent a gift containing crystals. This was intended to be a wonderful gesture of kindness. However, as soon as the box was opened, a feeling of forboding overcame our home. Our very ill pet cat took a turn for the worse, and sadly succumbed. It took much prayer and meditation to remove this ominous obsession, and harm was done. This was an unintended consequence, and of the best and kindest intentions, but “something” bad came along for the ride on this material.

This writer has come to the conclusion that – and this is a personal choice – my talismen are collected and must contain a story and meaning for them to have the correct magickal powers. To the casual observer, they may appear to be “junk”, or worse. Here is an example.

On a trip to and from Nashville, TN, this writer made a detour to see the famous Kelly, Kentucky area where in 1955 a possible alien or other type of intrusion occurred. Now known as the Kelly Greenmen case, there were no “little green men”, of course. (The name of the town, “Kelly” has conjured the word “Green” by association.) The location is pretty barren, though. Just a place in the road now. This writer, unfortunately, found no magickal auras.

However, moving through nearby Hopkinsville, Kentucky, an amazing energy event overwhelmed me and my wife. A small park and walking trail along the road contained a memorial to the Cherokee Trail of Tears (more on this here). … … Or here.

On the day we passed through, we found the usual touristy trappings, but we looked beyond that. We walked the small walking path and felt the natural energy of that place. It seemed to have residual spirits from the many thousands who have paid their respects to those who died and cried in that horrific event.

On the fence of the barrier area where the memorial statues are protected, many talismen were placed. There were feathers, dream catchers, and so many other things of respect. It was aawesome, and inspiring that people still care. Walking about, I suddenly spied the lowliest of objects, a long splinter of wood laying loose on the ground.

It called to me in a special way.

Why? I cannot say, but it was a spiritual call. I picked it up, I said almost silently to the ghosts and spirits that were listening upon the wind a few words of respect for the tragedy, the moment, and the time and place where I stood that intersected with that other moment in late 1838 and early 1839. That small piece of discarded wood became integrated with that event and all those people with their fears, sadness, sickness, and grief. The long dead touched that item, and in that time and place, it became a powerful symbol.

I still have that item. I have never used its power, but I know that the potential of power resides within it, and stands ready should it ever be needed.

As with many potential conflicts, human or non-human, readiness and the potential power can head off a magickal attack, or lessen it when it does come. So collecting and keeping talismen is an important part of maintaining one’s readiness and personal magickal shielding.

The power of that talisman, that little piece of wood, is in the story. It is in the moment of interacting with the Cherokee Trail of Tears, and the trajectory of this writer’s life. In recalling that here in this blog, the magick is renewed and it is imparted to you the reader so that in a small way you can remember the dead who once lived and breathed, to keep their mortality immortal, and allow this writer to encourage you in your own personal quest for meaning.

This Week We Have Some Very Rare E. A. Koetting Titles and Some Alchemy!

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Many of the books we carry are rare and we have a very limited quantity. All books are sold on a first come first serve basis.  All books are available for layaway.

We are always interested in buying Esoteric, Occult, Freemasonry, Alchemy, Golden Dawn, Hermetics, Ceremonial Magic, Witchcraft, Religious, Philosophy and Lovecraftian fiction. Feel free to contact us at miskatonicbooks@me.com


We expect the E. A. Koetting titles to go very quickly as we only have one of each of these rare titles in stock. They will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

BANEFUL MAGICK by E. A. Koetting (Hardcover 1st Edition)

Baneful Magick guides and instructs in the most effective methods of Baneful or Destructive Magick, the end of which being to cause severe harm, illness, disease, malady, and death to the subject of the curse. While subjects such as Hoodoo and other diasporic practices are entered into in depth, as well as Norse Magick and Western ritual, the meat of the material are those Operations which have never before been practiced or even discussed outside of the walls of the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis, and which have been found by those who have laid their hands on this Magick to be ultimately effective in exacting physical result.

Book is a first edition hardcover in near fine condition.


EVOKING ETERNITY: Forbidden Rites of Evocation by E. A. Koetting (Limited Hardcover Edition)


Offers the reader the elementary principles by which evocation operates, instructions for the necessary preparation of the Operator to call forth and communicate face-to-face with any entity in existence, and the information and guidance that is needed to open the gateways between the worlds and facilitate the materialization of the spirits. Contents include: Elementary Principles of Evocation; The Summoned; Preparatory Works; The Vision and the Voice; Basic Evocation; Emissaries of Ascent; Multiple Evocators; Multiple Evocations; Evoking Legions; Evoking Without Bounds; and Summoning God.

WORKS OF DARKNESS: A Guide to Advanced Black Magick by E. A. Koetting (Hardcover Edition)


A very dark modern-day grimoire of black magick, evocation and sorcery, which continues where the Kingdoms of Flame, the author’s first book, left of. It deals with more advanced techniques of Black Magick, including demonic sigil magick, evocation, blood rituals and baneful magick. This is an exceedingly dark magickal grimoire, and is not suitable for everyone. It is a book that will certainly find its way into the libraries of serious occultists and collectors. But those who are just starting out, should stay away!

KINGDOMS OF FLAMES by Archaelus Baron (E.A. Koetting) Hardcover Edition

Kingdoms Of Flame: A Grimoire Of Black Magick, Evocation, and Sorcery (2008). Hardcover. Third Edition. Limited print run of 200 copies.

Book is in very good condition with an extremely light bump to one corner and some light shelf wear else fine.

A very dark modern-day grimoire of black magick, evocation and sorcery, which provides access to the Kingdoms of Flame, providing numerous magic squares and sigils for the Grand Demons, Angels, Demons & Spirits of the Regnum Spiritus. Its publication was sanctioned by the Grand Emissaries of the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis (OAA). Originally, this grimoire had taken the form of a manuscript, which had been known as the Skeleton Cipher. It had been divided into 3 separate parts, with each part, having been placed in an envelope, and entrusted to a secret guardian. When it was decided by the Grand Emissaries of the OAA, that it was time for the manuscript to be published, the 3 guardians were called. Each brought along an envelope, which contained one of the 3 parts. All 3 envelopes were then handed to Koetting, who was then given the task of working, for the first time with the complete manuscript, deciphering it, and translating it, into a form that could be published. This book is not for novices!

This book has been beautifully produced, with a silver blocked seal on the front cover, and ornately designed gothic borders, framing the text on each page. Kingdoms of Flame was his first book, and many consider it to be his best. The Skeleton Cipher manuscript grimoire, which is translated & presented in this book, is the KEY to the Trilogy of Works that followed: Works of Darkness, Baneful Magick, & Evoking Eternity. Without this volume, the other 3 books can only be partially understood & worked with.


Questing After Visions: Making Concious Contact by E.A. Koetting (First Edition Trade Paperback)


Questing After Visions: Making Conscious Contact examines the nature of revelation, the mechanics of Seership, and the methods of prophecy, not from the armchair of hypothesis, but from the ritual chamber of application. E.A. Koetting shares his most profound visionary experiences and the insights that he has gained as his own quest after visions has brought him into direct conscious contact with the spiritual and the Eternal.


IPSISSIMUS by E. A. Koetting (First Edition Hardcover)

“A sure method must be elucidated on the matter of self-godhood and its attainment. The trickeries of sorcery and devotions of mysticism are but paths to the same palace, but ritual and prayer must be set aside and a straight line must be drawn from one point to the other.” – Ipsissimus

After providing a terrifying look into the most secret workings of the occult, and after divulging the methods by which man may have immense power over the physical world through spiritual methods, E.A. Koetting now unveils Ipsissimus: the one written work in existence which unabashedly draws the straight line between the upper and the lower, between the finite and the infinite; between man and God.

For over half a dozen years and six full-length books, Koetting has tempted his readers with the idea of Ascent – gradually and consciously developing the spiritual faculties to ever greater perfection, leading towards the realization of one’s own absolute godhood. Now, with Ipsissimus, all that has been eluded to is laid out in concise detail.

Taking his autobiographical teaching style to the extreme, Koetting presents his struggles with his own spiritual transformations, revealing the challenges that he has faced in confronting the furthest limits of human experience, and laying bare the emotional, psychological, and personal devastations and exaltations encountered on his path towards Mastery. Combined with his unique ability to make usable and practical to the average reader even the most esoteric practices, offering instructions, suggestions, and specific directions throughout, Koetting weaves Ipsissimus into both an intimate and gripping read, as well as possibly the most useful tome on the subject of spiritual transformation and Ascent.


COAGULA: A Gaphic Grimoire by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule (Deluxe Quarter Bound in Leather and Custom Slipcase) 1 of only 64 Copies!

One of 64 Hand-Numbered Copies Bound in Quarter Gold Morocco Over Golden Silk Boards, Signed by the Artist.

Place Published: London
Publisher: Fulgur Limited.
Date Published: 2011.
Edition: First Edition, First Printing, Deluxe Issue
Binding: Quarter-Leather
Condition: Fine in Dust Jacket and Slipcase



Quarto, Original gold silk cloth with gold morocco leather spine titled in silver, black endpapers. The Deluxe edition, limited to only 64 hand numbered copies signed by the author / artist, this being copy No. 5. A copy of the original pre-publication prospectus is laid in. A fine copy in dust jacket and felt-lined cloth slipcase, as issued.


This book births the Magickal Children of the Gods and Goddesses United by the reader in the pages of ‘Conjunctio’ (Fulgur Limited, 2008). From these unions now the pages are Divided, and the Cosmic Egg cracks Open. HermAphrodites and Hybrids from the Conjunction of masculine and feminine, solar and lunar, silver and gold gestate herein, and Coagulate back into the world of form. This golden Tome represents the Gold of the Alchemists: It is the Philosopher’s Stone and Distillate of the Process. Lavishly printed in black, gold and silver inks on premium archival paper. The second volume of the extraordinary “Tela Quadrivium” series.

NEW Scarlet Imprint title Just Released and Some Rare Back In Stock Titles by This Fantastic Occult Publisher!

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Many of the books we carry are rare and we have a very limited quantity. All books are sold on a first come first serve basis.  All books are available for layaway.

We are always interested in buying Esoteric, Occult, Freemasonry, Alchemy, Golden Dawn, Hermetics, Ceremonial Magic, Witchcraft, Religious, Philosophy and Lovecraftian fiction. Feel free to contact us at miskatonicbooks@me.com


TARA MORGANA by Paul Holman (Deluxe Limited Edition Hardcover Quarter Bound in Black Morocco Leather)


One of only 40 Fine edition quarter bound in black morocco, silvered and marbled end papers, ivory cloth boards stamped with the device of the Blue She-Wolf in custom slipcase.

Tara Morgana is a work of pure magical writing. The title comes from the fusion of the Tibetan devi with Morgan Le Fay who is pursued as a mirage throughout this haunting text.
Part magical diary, part dreamscape, part Situationist dérive through the landscape, Tara Morgana is an enigmatic record of ritual practice from the poet, whose work has been described as: indefinable … laconic, occultist, and attached to the line of revolutionary and subversive yearnings. This is not a book about magic, rather, it is a magical book. Contemplation of the work reveals a wealth of hidden treasures, or as Holman says: each dreamed text is a terma in the mind.

Paul Holman is a lucid poet whose writing, with its concise yet elusive energy, takes us down into the tunnels, ghosts broken urban spaces where decay is overwritten with the ingress of the wild. He encounters denizens of the underworld, the magical subculture and down and outs. It is a work of echoes and memories whose reflections coalesce in dreams that can be recovered and manifest in the present. In his Afterword, Holman spells out aspects of the artistic and magical method he employs.


The book is splintered by a sequence of photographic images: glimpsed spirit portraits, apparitions captured in the play and decay of light, giving it an otherworldly aspect. Tara Morgana is a truly esoteric and numinous text, a beautifully realised work that leads us on two parallel journeys of poetry and image, through the world and work of living magical artists. Both poet and photographer are engaged in games of chance and fate, applied as a discipline to the creative process. It is precisely this rigour that gives both an intensity and a gnomic quality to their respective works.
This is a text to be spoken aloud. Mystical conjunction of word and image are resolved in the alchemy of breath. The act of anagnosis opens the reader to the magical operation through the transformative medium of sound, and returns us to the mystery of beginning(s) and becoming(s). As Holman writes in The Memory of the Drift:

If you are interested in the regular limited edition of this title just click the image below:









Rare and back in stock Scarlet Imprint!

DATURA (Deluxe Vellum Edition in Custom Slipcase)


Solar fine bound edition
35 exemplars
Full vellum, silk curved slipcase, gilt stamped.

Datura is an elegant collection comprising the work of 26 leading poets from the occult and pagan communities, and six essays on the agony and ecstasy of the creative process.

The lady of moth and moon unfurls her shy and deadly petals. These navigators of the midnight sea – occultists and poets and devotees seeking after that which seduces them – are familiar with the dream of intoxication that follows her scent. She is the woman in the song, the night-blooming narcotic, gorgeous and strange. She is the horned blossom, the guardian of the threshold, the keeper of madness.

This collection includes recognised major poets, we are indebted in particular to Penelope Shuttle for her contribution and that of Peter Redgrove. From triadic rubaiyat to sestina, acrostic, lyric, free verse and praise hymn this is poetry in full flower.

Datura contains modern published poets alongside new writers whose work shows them strong enough to keep such company.
This is a literate and narcotic text which will inspire both ritual practice and further incursions into living poetry.

A companion volume, Mandragora is now available.

Our writers for this project are:

Ruby Sara (editor)
Penelope Shuttle
Peter Redgrove
Caroline Carver
Paul Newman
John Harness
Christopher Greenchild
Paul Holman
T.Thorn Coyle
Geo Athena Trevarthen
Veronica Cummer
Erynn Rowan Laurie
Sara Amis
Chris Page
Michael Routery
D.B Myrrha
Elizabeth Vongvisith
Anna Elizabeth Applegate
David Trevarthen
Pamela Smith-Rawnsley
P. Sufenas Virius Lupus
Rebecca Buchanan
Patricia Cram
Mark Saucier


APOCALYPTIC WITCHCRAFT by Peter Grey (Limited Edition Hardcover)

The spectre of witchcraft is haunting the West, the dead giving up their secrets. This is a ritual unveiling of these mysteries. It is a vision and a revelation of the mytho-poetic structure of the Art.

Apocalyptic Witchcraft is a bold project which does not seek to impose an orthodoxy on what is the heresy of heresies. Instead, it suggests a way forward.

Apocalyptic Witchcraft gives a compelling and profound account of the Sabbat and Wild Hunt as living experiences. These are the core of our ritual practice. Dream, lunar and, critically, menstrual magic are explored as a path to this knowledge. The wolf, the Devil, and the Goddess of witchcraft are then encountered in a landscape that ultimately reveals the witch to her or himself. These are not separate threads, but arise from a deep mythic structure and are woven together into a single unifying vision. Alternating between polemic, poetic and ecstatic prose, an harmonious course is revealed in a sequence of elegant stratagems. The book is threaded together with a cycle of hymns to Inanna, pearls on the tapestry of night. Seemingly disparate aspects are joined into a vision which is neither afraid of blessing nor curse. This is a daring undertaking, born from both urgency and need. It offers a renewed sense of purpose and meaning for a witchcraft that has seen many of its treasured ideas about itself destroyed. An apocalyptic age demands an Apocalyptic Witchcraft, and this is a book which is offered up to revolutionise the body of the craft, a way out of the dark impasse.

Tradition is not static, it flows, and this work pours forth a vision for the future. Founded in pilgrimage and ritual, encountered in dreams and gleaned from the conversations of both doves and crows, a remarkable narrative unfolds. Its wings span from pre-history, through the witch-panic and it emerges fully fledged into our present moment of crisis. It offers a witchcraft for our time. Apocalyptic Witchcraft is a controversial, luminous text. A shuddering paroxysm of eternal renewal beneath the serpent moon.

It is neither a how-to book, nor a history, rather it is a magical vision of the Art in its entirety.

Of the Doves edition is an octavo book of 200pp bound in rough black linen cloth. Limited to 1000 copies. The boards are stamped with white doves, whose hidden meaning is elucidated in the text. Lyrical typography and carefully chosen images communicate further understanding.


AT THE CROSSROADS with Peter Grey, Stephen Grasso, Eric K. Lerner and many more (Limited Edition Hardcover)



Black and white meshed cloth stamped in red. 208 pp, printed in black & white and colour, illustrated. Linited to 800 hand-numbered copies.

At the crossroads the paths of magicians and worlds meet.
Grimoire and root workers, Hoodoo and Vodoun, Quimbanda and Ifa. A potent fusion is occuring, a second diaspora.

At the Crossroads tells the stories of what happens when the Western Magical Tradition encounters the African Diaspora and Traditional religions, and vice versa. It is a mixing and a magic that speaks of a truly new world emerging.

In this gathering of kindred spirits, experiences are shared between initiates of very different cultures whose magic proves to be underpinned by the same principles, though clothed in different garb.

We find the grimoires of Old Europe flourishing in the New World, Juju spreading through the United States, the Cunning men of Essex rendering service to the Lwa of Haitian Voudon, alchemists who are Paleros, the techniques of the Greek Magical Papyri applied to Conjure counter-hexing. This is fertile ground for the imagination, and practice.

At The Crossroads is extensively illustrated, in both black and white and colour with original artworks and in depth essays by leading practitioners of the occult community from New York to Bristol, and from London to Brazil.

An important contribution made at the point where all the roads meet.
Where we encounter the most traditional approaches and the wildest fringes of the avant garde, At the Crossroads boldly demands your attention.


SERPENT SONGS edited by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold (Limited Edition Hardcover)


Serpent Songs are the works and words of those who remain untamed, from Cunning Folk to Exorcists to Pellars to Sorgin and Witches and Mystics.

A collection of fifteen essays are introduced and curated by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold through whose contacts we encounter the worlds of lone practitioners and tradition holders, from both family and clan, and are allowed a rare glimpse into the workings of the more secretive proponents of the Craft.

Traditional Craft is intimately bound to the spirit of the land. Serpent Songs contains the works of genuine Cornish and Basque witchcraft, the relatively unknown Swedish Trolldom, the persecuted Bogomils, and the oft misrepresented Italian Stregoneria.

Members of 1734, Clan of Tubal Cain, an ex member of The Companie of the Serpent-Cross are among those who choose to share their experiences. Light is shed on such important figures as Robert Cochrane, Evan John-Jones and Andrew Chumbley amongst others, but more than illustrious ancestors, Traditional Craft is revealed as a living throng.

These are the voices of those who work the art and this book details their practices, struggles and wayward journeys. Serpent Songs takes a crooked path through the landscape, from historical studies to practical acts, from lonely stone stiles set between deep hedges to the warm entrails of animals and forays into the caves and woods. These tresses are woven into an undulating nest of serpents.

Serpent Songs is a wide ranging work that deals with the issues of witch blood, taboo, the other, the liminal state, fire, dream, art and need as vectors of the Craft. What emerges is not a narrow definition of what it means to engage in Traditional Craft, but a set of shared characteristics and approaches which become evident despite the cultural gulfs in place and time. This is a book of praxis, beliefs and their own definitions of the art itself rather than those applied to it by outsiders. These are the voices who for the most part operate in silence but now wish to be heard.


Pomba Gira and the Quimbanda of Mbumba Nzila by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold (Limited Edition Hardcover)


Bright red patterned silk with black lettering to spine and illustrated art paper panel on upper board, thick patterned endpapers, b&w illustrations, numerous b&w sigils, glossary & bibliography. The “Salve Regina!” edition, limited to 769 numbered copies.

A significant study on the cult of Pomba Gira, this is the most comprehensive work in the English language on the Devil’s mistress, whose Brazilian cult has bewitched so many.

It is a book that those seeking congress with the current of strong female magical sexuality have long desired.

The hardback Salve Regina! edition of Pomba Gira is an octavo book of 232 pp lavishly illustrated with thirteen erotic studies in pen and ink by Enoque Zedro, and over forty of her pontos riscados. The boards are extravagantly dressed in red moire silk with a sunken letterpress panel depicting one of the Queens.

The lively typography and design capture the energy of this most feminine and coquettish of spirits.


To see all of our in stock Scarlet Imprint titles icon:



New, Rare and Interesting Items This Week at Miskatonic Books

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To get ordering information on any title just click on the picture.

Many of the books we carry are rare and we have a very limited quantity. All books are sold on a first come first serve basis.  All books are available for layaway.

We are always interested in buying Esoteric, Occult, Freemasonry, Alchemy, Golden Dawn, Hermetics, Ceremonial Magic, Witchcraft, Religious, Philosophy and Lovecraftian fiction. Feel free to contact us at miskatonicbooks@me.com


THE BOOK OF AZAZEL by E. A. Koetting (Limited Edition Hardcover)


Limited to only 666 numbered limited edition hardcovers. This being number 92. Book is in fine condition.

From the author:

“That which follows is the entirety of what I learned from the Demon during a ninety-day journey through hell, with Azazel as my guide. To Azazel… I can only trust that when this work is completed, he will set me free. Azazel is the embodiment of all that is forbidden, all that is secret, and all that I would sacrifice everything for. He called upon me to perform this damnable Operation: to commit myself to Him entirely, in order to possess all that is His. But fear overtook me. I didn’t feel ready to drink from that cup, and so I drank from many others, flirting with the power that I knew could only be found in the blackest of rites and through the most obscene pacts. The Demon’s call would not be silenced, and it forced me out of the serenity of Ascent, leaving me with no choice than to embrace the power of darkness, in a depth and intensity that I had never before imagined. The Book of Azazel initially seemed to mark my return to the Left Hand Path, to the sinister spirituality responsible for catapulting me into the knowledge and application of my own godhood. As the grimoire unfolded, day-by-day, what the Demon Azazel revealed to me obliterated every assumption that I’ve ever made, and has left me with little else to say. The magnitude of Azazel’s teachings have left me speechless, for the first time in decades. What is recorded in this book: the rituals, the evocations, and the revelations.. says all that can ever be said, and much, much more. It has also left me with the conviction that real power – the kind that can crumble nations and raise empires out of the sand – can only be found in the forbidden, in the demonic, beyond the horizon of damnation. And so I tremble as I present The Book of Azazel.”


FOSFOROS translated by J. Nefastos & I. Meinander (First edition Hardcover)

One of the most intellectually sophisticated and in-depth texts of modern Satanism/ Left Hand Path and its spirituality ever produced. This valuable occult study delves the student of the Left Hand Path into a comprehensive philosophical system providing a Study on the Being & Essence of Satan, exploring topics such as the Philosophy of God, Philosophical Anthropology, Eschatology, Metaphysics, Cosmology, and various other subjects of Satanism and Mysticism that will guide the serious seeker to form a complete worldview. With the aim of total unity and of understanding opposites, considering even the most wrathful arguments of the downward path of the soul’s death in an unbiased way, Fosforos seeks to build on the fundamental doctrine of Oneness: the quintessences of both the Right Hand Path and the Left Hand Path are herein joined into one amalgam, as they have always been in the heart of a true aspirant.

Fosforos begins with the principle of absolute unity in its first part, Polyharmonia- The Philosophy of Oneness. The second part, Discordamelior- The Philosophy of Perdition discusses the fundamental problem of seeming duality, the breach within the cosmic harmony, manifesting itself as Evil. In the third part, Necrosophia – The Philosophy of Death, the almost collapsed and already rotten state of the world we know is observed as leading towards purifying Death and Rebirth. The fourth part, Pentagrammaton – The Consistency of Man and the Practice of Magic, turns its attention towards the microcosm and man as the demiurge, capable of harnessing his mental prowess for the work of very deep and real magical creation. It also explores how this hermetic and metaphysical worldview can be studied with a rational mindset. The fifth part, Cista Mystica – The Symbology of Satanism, introduces several important Satanic themes and symbols, like Demonology, the problem of universal paradox and suffering, and the prophesied coming of the Antichrist. The last of the book’s parts, Legifer & Clavis Magica, gives us a law and scheme to reach out for a higher and more permanent kind of self-realization and occult development, along with the key or Magic formula with which to utilize that development with the aid of Prayers and Spells both in the work of theurgy or the Divine Magic and Goetia or the magic worked with the aid of Elemental or, as they are called, Demonic powers.

The translation is based on the revised Finnish edition, including the commentary given in the form of extensive footnotes and forming “the seventh book” of Fosforos. Also included is an appendix giving a brief and clear definition of the Hieroglyphic Key of the Seven Principles, and another concerning the post-mortem states of a human being.

The six different parts of Fosforos each approach from a different perspective the core ideas of the text, namely Satan and the Occult science of Magic. Despite its paradoxical and labyrinthine manner of expression, often using totally opposing arguments to understand and live for the great whole, Fosforos is not written to be just another theoretical study of the Left Hand Path, philosophical treatise, or Satanic Manifesto, but rather is a work for devotional and practical living, should the reader choose to aspire on this narrow path of Ascension.

This is a first edition hardcover of only 1300 copies. Book is in near fine condition in like dust jacket.


Back in stock and or in very short supply. These won’t last long!

ANTHOLOGY OF SORCERY: BOOK I with E.A. Koetting, Lon Milo DuQuette, S. Connolly and many more (Limited Edition Hardcover)

Only one copy left and these are sold out at the publisher!

This is a limited edition hardcover of only 400 copies, bound in Dacron cloth. 353 pages. Book is in new unread condition.
Your Favorite Occult Authors Reveal Their Sinister Knowledge Of The Left Hand Path In This Epic Collection Of Devilish Literature
From the Publisher:
Dear Friend,
I asked myself several revolutionary questions a year ago…
What if the most powerful magicians in the world co-authored the ULTIMATE grimoire of black magick?
Would the forbidden knowledge be too dangerous… is the book too evil?
Would inviting 17 hardcore sorcerers of fiercely opposing viewpoints cause serious trouble… and even trigger an occult world war?
If I were to create an Anthology of Sorcery, whom specifically would I include?
Would you like to know a secret?
I’ve always exalted occult authors. They galvanized me to pen my own demonic grimoires originally.
In a world of religious indoctrination and government propaganda, occult writers herald genuine spirituality. A grimoire, above all other so-called holy books, actually produces verifiable transcendental experiences.
Magick works. And those who dare channel the wisdom of the spirits are living sages.
The Anthology of Sorcery is my darkest dream come true, literally. It’s the culmination of exhaustive spellcasting, aimed expressly at manifesting the most elite “supergroup” of occult authors, to join me in creating the ultimate book of black magick.
Historically, greedy occultists have tried to hoard power and knowledge, refusing to share valuable discoveries, unless aspirants passed secret initiations and swore allegiance to their political order. This tome exhibits a starkly different and more evolved attitude than that. Quite frankly, all 17 magi are generously dispensing their most potent and enlightened information to anyone who wants it, as if collectively advancing a modern “open source” ethic. This is the guiding principle of Become A Living God.
If a soul desires spiritual knowledge, they deserve to learn.
Proudly Featuring My Supergroup Of Occult Artists…
Lon Milo DuQuette
U.S. Deputy National Grand Master General of Ordo Templi Orientis
Spirit Evocation and Exorcism
Robert Bruce
Professional author; Co-founder of Astral Dynamics
A Tale of Demonic Possession and Release
E.A. Koetting
Professional author; Co-founder of Become A Living God
The Gods of Kali Yuga
Michael W. Ford
Professional author; Founder of The Order of Phosphorus
The Infernal Path of Hekate
S. Connolly
Professional author; Co-founder of Ordo Flammeus Serpens
Pacts with Daemons
Asenath Mason
Professional author; Founder of Temple of Ascending Flame
Pact with Lucifer
Dante Abiel
Professional author; Head of The Order of the 13th Judgement
The Black Trinity
Anima Noira
Occult luminary; Founder of Ancestral Magick
Experiencing the Rituals of the Left Hand Path
Jason Miller
Professional author; Founder of Strategic Sorcery
God Is a Bullet
Phil Farber
Professional author; NLP Master Trainer
What Sort of Sorcery?
Semjaza & Vamperess
Black metal musicians; Co-founders of Order of Promethean Fyre
The Wakeful Ones
Charles Cosimano
Professional author; Psionics pioneer
Vampire Is as Vampire Does
Eric Colon
Founder of The American Society for the Preservation of Palo Mayombe
Bloodletting and Sacrifice in Palo Mayombe
Nemo Alius 171
Doctor of Philosophy
The Black Order of the Ages
Michael Wood
Expert ritualist
Ascetic Immolation
Néstor Avalos
Professional artist; Founder of Sueños de Luna
Shiva the Destroyer; and Other Illustrations
Zac Shiffer
Professional artist; Member of Last Rites Gallery
The Watcher; and Other Paintings
THE BOOK OF SMOKELESS FIRE by S. Ben Qayin (Limited Edition Hardcover)
One of only 500 hand numbered cloth bound copies with sewn in ribbon bookmark and pictorial endpapers.

Book is in new unread condition.

“The work that is being presented in “The Book of Smokeless Fire” is based on a very little known and overlooked Solomonic text simply known as “Miscelaneo de Salomon”, which amazingly mirrors that of Lovecraft’s, “Necronomicon” both in content and history. It is an ancient and forbidden Arabian manuscript, that seems was later evolved into the Greek “Goetia” and gives the earliest known account of King Solomon and his binding of the seventy-two sinister Djinn he sealed away in the infamous brass container.
In “The Book of Smokeless Fire”, the ancient manuscript has now been reworked into a completely new system, utilizing revolutionary evocation technology, to again call upon the ancient and destructive Djinn, whose names have been concealed for centuries…”
Author S. Ben Qayin has outdone himself with this stunning interpretation and cohesive reworking of a long lost magickal discipline. The Book of Smokeless Fire is over 190 pages of pure magickal knowledge laid out in an easy to read format that really flows. With no fluff, filler, and no nonsense, Qayin manages to take what some have dabbled in and written about in the past and open it up into a fully workable system of magick.

Occlith 0: Omniform By Joseph Uccello (Limited Edition Hardcover)
Our last copy!
From the publisher

Since 1992, Xoanon and its sister publishing house Three Hands Press have pioneered the art of occult publishing, their practice driven by the philosophy that a truly magical book transcends the medium of its material embodiment. In part, this has been achieved through sublime qualities of exceptional content and artistry: original text, image, and type design which are undeniably possessed by the inspiring spirits which animate the volume. In the most potent of instances, the book coalesces by a hidden and vital anatomy, whose heart pulsates with life. Historically, the phenomenon of the magical book has appeared at the confluence of magic, mysticism, artistic inspiration and high craftsmanship. Nowhere is this as evident or beguiling as in the corpus of European alchemical texts, created in the ascendancy of movable type, where individual spiritual revelation came to inform both how the Royal Art of Alchemy was understood, and how books were made.

In collaboration with The Viatorium Press, and in the spirit of furthering the modern tradition of the Magical Book, we are pleased to announce Occlith Omniform 0 from award-winning artist, typographer and printer Joseph Uccello. Containing essential texts of the Paracelsian School of Alchemy, the whole serves as an animated sourcebook of essential Hermetic philosophy and Natural Magic, vivified through the letterpress-inspired type design and Uccello’s masterful ink and brush drawings. In addition to the lavishly-illustrated alchemical texts, Omniform includes an essential lexicon of alchemical terms, and an original Introduction by Uccello serves as the portal of ingress into this Corporeal Book.

Occlith Omniform 0 is 272 pages, printed on heavy art stock,
and available in the following editions:

Standard Hardcover
Full heavy gunmetal cloth with dust jacket,
limited to 555 hand-numbered copies

AST MA ION – EOS TAR NIXET Grimoiries by Edgar Kerval (Deluxe Primal Flame Edition) Review

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AST MA ION – EOS TAR NIXET Grimoiries by Edgar Kerval (Deluxe Primal Flame Edition)

I was lucky enough to get to read Edgar Kerval’s latest book titled AST MA ION – EOS TAR NIXET (Deluxe Primal Flame Edition). Only 11 of these dark tomes were produced and they are a testament to what a hand crafted grimoire can be. The traycase that holds this stunning book is crafted from hand made tapestry and calfskin. The book itself is bound in the same butter soft calfskin with like black and gray tapestry cloth for the endpapers, blood red foil stamping on both the book and traycase are branded into the flesh of the book like a fresh open wound. The paper the book is printed on is a thick earth tone parchment that will last centuries and is beautifully designed and illustrated throughout.

But more important than the aesthetics of this title is its content. AST MA ION – EOS TAR NIXET is a true grimoire of alchemical transformation. It leads the seeker on a path that begins in the abyss of Daath and forges the magician within the black flame of eternity. This is accomplished by obliterating the ego, and then through the infernal gestation within the womb of the black abyss a new more perfected magician is born. 

This is a path not to be taken lightly nor by the uninitiated. The journey could just as  easily lead to madness rather than the perfected black magician. This book gives you the rituals, sigils, Qliphoth, and path for this sought after transformation. But the sacrifice, bloodletting and stamina will test even the strongest willed left hand path adept.

Take the dark journey laid out in this grimoire at your own risk. For the risk may well be your own sanity but the reward is godhood. 

Edgar Kerval (Pictured Above) is the author of the above reviewed title, he is also a renown illustrator. For more information about the author and his work check out is active facebook page by clicking here : EDGAR KERVAL FACEBOOK PAGE

Harvard Confirms Book Is Bound in Human Skin

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Scientists at Harvard have confirmed that a 19th-century French treatise in the university’s libraries is almost surely bound in human skin, thus ending months of uncertainty and setting off a torrent of online Hannibal Lecter (get it?) jokes.

The book, Arsène Houssaye’s “Des destinées de l’ame” (On the Destiny of the Soul), came under renewed attention in April, after researchers concluded that another book at Harvard previously thought to be an example ofanthropodermic bibliopegy — as the practice of binding books in human flesh is known — was in fact bound in sheepskin.

The Houssaye book, deposited at Harvard’s Houghton Library in 1934, contains a manuscript note claiming that the book was bound in skin taken from the back of a woman, since “a book about the human soul deserved to have a human covering.” Researchers confirmed the claim using several techniques, including peptide mass fingerprinting (PMF), which identifies proteins.

“The PMF from ‘Des destinées de l’ame’ matched the human reference, and clearly eliminated other common parchment sources, such as sheep, cattle and goat,” Bill Lane, the director of the Harvard Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Resource Laboratory, and Daniel Kirby, of the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies, told the Houghton Library Blog.

That test could not rule out the possibility that the book was bound in the skin of a great ape or a gibbon. But researchers said that additional scientific analysis, along with information about the book’s provenance, made that extremely unlikely.

The practice of binding books in human skin, which dates at least to the 16th century, was once somewhat common, according to the Houghton blog. Criminal confessions were occasionally bound in the skin of the convicted, and individuals might request to be memorialized for family or lovers in the form of a book covered in a piece of themselves.

If that practice seems grisly today, the more ordinary practice of binding books in animal skins has been problematic in some places, according to Leah Price, an English professor and book historian at Harvard who was not involved in the analysis.

“In 19th-century India, some Christian missionaries made the mistake of trying to distribute bibles bound in calfskin or containing pig byproducts,” Ms. Price said by email. “It’s not just about the binding: until the 20th century most glues used in books as well as the ‘sizing’ used to coat paper were made by boiling down pieces of animal carcass.”

To read the entire article click here  Harvard Confirms Book Is Bound in Human Skin By JENNIFER SCHUESSLER JUNE 5, 2014 4:43 PM


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